How To Create the Office That Attracts and Retains Talented Teams

Your business is only as good as your workers who daily commune with each other. Beyond offering great products or services and good pay, how can you attract and keep the best? You can start by creating an ambiance that makes everyone appreciate entering the building. To achieve that end, try out these strategies for setting up a magnetic business space.

Design and Furnishings

Everyone knows the feeling of sitting in a cold, uncomfortable and inefficient environment, if not as an employee, at least as a customer — think government waiting rooms. In contrast, outfit your rooms and central areas with system furniture that offers comfort, enhances productivity and encourages creative thinking. If possible, employ modular options so you can rearrange seats and tables to refocus teams to meet particular objectives. Also, focus on ergonomic seating to keep employees healthy.


Choosing the right furnishings can certainly enhance collaboration possibilities. However, you also need to make certain to provide the tools for the process. From simply keeping paper pads and markers in stock to making whiteboards accessible, you can eliminate obstacles to harmonious teamwork.

Privacy and Play

Not every moment lends itself to cooperation. Sometimes workers need space to focus; other times they just need a break. To ensure your employees do not feel boxed in or under a microscope, create spaces that offer a sense of privacy when they need to remove themselves from the din. At the same time, open up a space for games and socialization, since these activities also can recharge and refocus employees.


Healthy workplaces also embrace nutrition. In other words, providing nourishing snacks will show your workers how much you appreciate their well-being. Keep both fresh and long-lasting foods in constant rotation.

In business, you do not want to lose your best and most creative minds for want of a great working environment. The creativity you put into enhancing the work environment now will pay off in the creative talent you bring in and retain tomorrow.

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