3 Reasons To Fireproof Your Steel Building

Because of its high melting point, steel is an extremely fire-resistant material. However, it can still be weakened when exposed to fire. Consider these three reasons to fireproof your steel building.

1. Give Occupants More Time To Evacuate

Adding fireproofing, such as a heat resistant framework Boston MA, to your steel building can help ensure occupants have sufficient time to escape the building if a fire occurs. Fire can compromise the structural integrity of your building, resulting in collapse. Fireproofing the building helps ensure the building remains stable long enough for people inside to get out. It also makes it safer for first responders to enter the building to extinguish the fire.

2. Minimize Damage

Fireproofing increases the amount of time it takes for flames to cause damage to your building. This means that if you have a fire, there is likely to be less damage done and fewer repairs required. Additionally, because it helps guard against building collapse, there is less chance that your building could suffer extensive damage or be declared a total loss

3. Save Money on Insurance Premiums

Many insurance companies offer discounted premiums on buildings that have fireproofing. The reason for this is that insurance companies know that fireproofing makes it less likely they will have to pay for large fire losses. It also decreases the chance that there will be loss of life in the building, which could result in liability claims. Additionally, fireproofing slows the spread of fires, making it easier for sprinklers and other fire suppression systems to contain them to small areas of a building.

A building constructed from steel already has some inherent protection against fire damage. However, adding fireproofing can make your building safer and save money on repairs if a fire does occur. It also may save you money on your insurance premiums.

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