Progression of Veteran Disability Assistance

Often people are unable to be compensated for their injuries in the military and the service due to red tape and bureaucracy. When I was young, my grandmother suffered from emphysema and PTSD; at one point, it became so bad that she was hospitalized. The VA had a timetable at that time, which was used to determine the percentage of disability a veteran was eligible for the amount of time they were hospitalized. This timetable she told me was also used to determine whether a condition was before the enlistment of service, during or after their service.

The benefits were then reserved for those who had pre-diagnosed conditions, or who were injured during their time of service. Those who developed conditions later one was not able to be compensated for their service, or for conditions that may have occurred due to their service. Also, this time-table many veterans often spoke of, was regulated by the doctors and those who would be responsible for the diagnosing of disorders, diseases, and disabilities. She had one day left on this timetable in her admittance to the hospital. She was in a state of panic and anger and was discharged with medication which seemed to tranquilize her. At that time there weren’t any attorneys which focused on malpractice on veterans or who specialized in this timetable many of the Washington D.C veterans would go on rants about. There is, however, a type of attorney known as an increase va disability attorney and these lawyers investigate similar matters.

They were discharging veterans before they hit the milestone on the benefit timeline which would allow them to get 100% disability that they had rights to, and many of them desperately needed assistance having debilitating disabilities leading to their homelessness. The doctors and bureaucracy would not allow them to get to that point of care where they could be diagnosed as needing help under the supervision of the hospitals. It was rough for them, but my grandmother didn’t complain, because she would often praise the progress of care from her actual time of service to after I was born. Today there has been an increase va disability attorney and a progression in veteran assistance in which she would be pleased.

My grandmother passed in 2012 but was able first to hand witness the progression this country has made in taking care of those who have put their life on the line for our freedoms. She was in the army during World War 2, and she was an educated and proud woman who had faith in her country, and its citizens. A woman who even after her time of service, gave her life to those who were around them in service in other ways, sheltering and feeding those in need, and always being a strong soul to lean on for even strangers. She became a much-loved woman in the eyes of the VA hospital staff before she passed, and they provided optimal service to her during her time of sickness in her last days. She was very proud of the changes made throughout the years, and today there is still room for improvement as with many topics, which can be accomplished as progress, has been made throughout the lives of veterans.

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