Technologically Advanced Locks

Do you know that there are modern locks too? You must have seen modernized locks, but sometimes we don’t identify them as locks. It is because they seem so different than traditional locks. You can contact Locksmith Newcastle if you are facing any issue with any technological locks.

Touchscreen Locks

It feels like every screen is “small” these days and that we will never see the end of new gadgets and new technology that uses touch screens. These locks use most of the passwords you type, just like when you open a door on your phone.

Smartphone-Operated Locks

Smartphones are becoming more and more flexible. These locks are synchronized to the phone using Bluetooth and allow remote unlocking and locking of the door. Many of these solutions also give you the ability to check if the door is remotely locked, and they also alert you if someone tries to open the door during your visit.

Keypad Locks

The keypad locks feel almost old-school, but they are still really better than the traditional ones. As their name suggests, they use a keypad that allows the owner to type in multiple combinations to unlock their door. Also, these locks come mostly from established manufacturers who know how to provide security to their customers.

Biometric Locks

Biometric locks are reasonably the most advanced and most scientific locks you can buy these days. The biggest reason for this is that it looks like some of the movies. That is, these locks read your fingerprint and only allow you to enter the house if the print matches anyone in the database. These locks are among the safest locks on the market because fingerprints are extremely difficult to create.

Passkey Locks

We all have the experience of having passkey locks in hotels where you get a pass, which usually looks like a large size credit card. You slip the card into a lock slot, and the door opens. The rules for residential property are very similar to Passkey locks, although there are some differences.

Proximity Locks

Proximity locks are a subtype of Smartphone-powered locks, but they also allow for something cool. That is, these locks automatically register you when you approach them, and they automatically unlock for you.

Combination Locks

Today, most high-tech locks will combine a large number of these different operation mechanisms as they increase security and allow more options to work when it comes to their function.

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