Cleaning and disinfection of buildings

In an office building a hundred of consumers, workers and employees visit during one day. Every year employees become infected with bacteria, viruses and other harmful pathogens on a large scale, making them unable to come to the jobs, affecting the overall productivity of the economy. It also damages the reputation of a company.

Virus and bacteria are transmitted faster and farther just by touching and close contact, from person to surface to person. With the matter of time these pathogens are becoming resistant to antibiotics, antiviral and decontamination techniques. Many methods to combats are becoming ineffective with every passing day.

Large size of commercial buildings and offices have not enough cleaning resources and this leads to alarming rise of harmful contamination and infections at our workplaces. The cleaning staff has not enough resources and failed to fight with these pathogens are under pressure. Their own health is at risk due to their exposure to infections from contaminants.

The frequency of cleaning is decided as per need, once in a day or more if employees are found sick due to infections. Frequently touched areas and objects such as light switches, door handles, escalator railings, elevator panels, countertops and tables should be cleaned and disinfected once every day. Other personal things, phones and computers can be cleaned weekly as there is risk of damaging the electronics.

High traffic areas, toilets and floors are required to cleaned and disinfected frequently to minimize the spread of bacteria and virus in employees. Floor disinfection has entered in practice due to the awareness of harmful bacteria and virus. These are found on high traffic floor areas via bottom of shoes, hands, bags and equipment and transmitted to floors and then to people in contact.

Facilities like hospitals are more prone to deadly pathogens due to the traffic of patients, labs trash and residual airborne bacteria. They rely on highly powerful floor disinfectants and sanitizers to mitigate dangerous effects on patients as well as the well-being of health staff. Building disinfection contractor are practicing high standard cleaning solutions, sanitizers and disinfectants to control the spread of pathogens from floors to other critical areas.

To get more effective cleaning and sanitization of a health facility or a work place the disinfection staff need to understand the strength of pathogens found in health facilities. Some disinfectants are specifically designed to kill germs, bacteria and viruses in healthcare facilities. However, when there is an outbreak of coronavirus like COVID-19 even general commercial places need effective deep cleaning and powerful decontamination procedures to control the spread.

Coronavirus transmit and multiply rapidly when an affected person comes in contact with various surfaces and places and other people touches these infected surfaces. Workplaces and offices in the buildings require the implementation of using powerful cleaning solutions, sanitizers and disinfectants to kill tough virus. This practice should be done on regular basis to avoid outbreak situations.

The places and surfaces that comes in close contact with infected people must be scrubbed and sanitized for enough time for effective results.

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