How VoIP Can Help You to Grow Your Business

VoIP has numerous well-advertised benefits, but how can it help your business grow and flourish?

1. Call Recording

Because all calls can be recorded and stored in the cloud, they can be easily retrieved in order to solve disputes. This can help protect against complaints or possible legal action.

2. Softphone Applications

VoIP systems can be used anywhere there is data via softphone applications. This means that employees that travel a lot, such as engineers or salespeople, are still able to use the in-house VoIP system.

3. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVRs can save money on call centre/switchboard staff, as they can provide the caller with the ability to get through to the right department without having to speak to a human operator. It is simple to upload IVRs to VoIP systems, and they can be changed as needed.

4. Voicemail to Email

So that you can always access your voicemails, even when not near your phone, they can be sent to your email inbox. This means you won’t miss any important messages that could result in sales.

A survey conducted by Sage Research reported that internet telephony was responsible for an increase in productivity equivalent to 3.9 hours/week per employee.

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5. ERP Integration

VoIP can be integrated with a range of ERP systems. This enables customers to simply click on a phone number on the screen to initiate a call via their handset or softphone. Similarly, when a customer or prospect calls, the application can automatically open that customer’s account and display any information about previous interactions.

6. Disaster Recovery

VoIP systems actually lower the risks associated with downtime, as there are a number of failover options available, including switching to a secondary/back-up broadband line or diverting to a different number.

7. Reporting

Detailed and self-explanatory reports are crucial for decision-making and strategy. VoIP systems offer a fantastic range of reports outlining things such as average number of calls per agent, average call times, average hold times, number of calls abandoned and other key information. All reports can be updated in real time and easily viewed on a main dashboard.

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