How To Operate Your Socially Distant Office

This year has brought many difficulties to the work place including how to set up an efficient and socially distant office.  Luckily the world has quickly adapted to incorporate new safety measures and protocol in the workplace. In order to keep your office functioning you will need to set up these simple safety measures.

Set Up For Social Distance

First and foremost you want to make sure all the basics are covered. This includes enforcing social distancing measures, everyone wearing masks and putting up barriers where necessary. Every desk should be at least 6 feet apart in an enclosed office space according to CDC guidelines. Ensure all employees wear a mask properly and no equipment is shared. Clear plexiglass is very useful for separating workspaces and preventing particles from circulating in the air. You might find communication a bit different in your new socially distanced office. Consider installing an intercom systems for business calls and meetings. Utilizing these systems and video conferencing programs can really improve communication within your office.

Mask Up and Sanitize

In addition to establishing these new protocols and procedures, you will need some signs around the office to remind your employees throughout the day. Direct surveillance isn’t always possible, so signs throughout your office can help reinforce proper protocol. Some habits like mask wearing and hand sanitizing might not yet be second nature so it is important to make sure people don’t forget. Cleaning will also be crucial to ensure your office is successfully enforcing safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Make sure you have a dedicated team in charge of sanitizing all work spaces and supplies including phones, keyboards and tables.

While this year has brought many difficulties along with COVID-19, your business can find ways to survive and even thrive as you adjust to a new normal. Ensure you are strictly enforcing these safety measures to maintain the wellbeing of your workplace and employees.

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